Mutual of America Capital Management Website Business Resumption Plans

Mutual of America Life Insurance Company, its subsidiaries and the MoA Funds have plans in place to help assure that our operations, including business activities and customer service, can be continued in the event that the Home Office at 320 Park Avenue, New York City; the Mutual of America National Telecommunications and Conference Center in Boca Raton, Florida; or any of our Regional Offices become inaccessible due to disasters, fire or other emergencies. Such plans are designed to address significant business disruptions of varying scope.

In the event that a disaster affects the Company's New York Home Office, prompt resumption of operations would occur by utilizing the Company's Regional Offices in the Northeast and the Mutual of America National Telecommunications and Conference Center in Boca Raton, Florida. These facilities have been configured to perform processing and to handle communications that usually involve the Home Office without the need to acquire additional processing equipment or personnel. The disaster recovery plans are intended to provide continuous account access and transaction support during the disruption in normal operations at any of the Mutual of America facilities.

The disaster recovery plans include the Mutual of America National Telecommunications and Conference Center, Boca Raton, Florida, utilizing a site outside of the State of Florida in the event of a disaster that affects Boca Raton. Data processing and telecommunications operations are planned to resume within 24 hours of our inability to utilize the Boca Raton facility. On a daily basis, backup files from the Company's computer systems are sent to an off-site secure location. These backup files would be used at the off-site location as part of the disaster recovery plans.

You can be assured that the disaster recovery plans are reviewed as necessary and tested at least annually to ensure that we have taken the steps within our control to limit any impact to providing services to our clients during all types of business disruptions.